About Elaine

-SBKTraining.com 1-on-1 riding instructor since 2011
-Teaches riders the skills to affectively ride their sport-bikes on a racetrack using 1-on-1 real-time communication.
-Training at trackday 25 weekends per year

-Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Racer
since 2012
    -CVMA Expert Racer 2013

-FIM license 2013

-e-roadracing professional electric motorcycle road racing
     -Indianapolis Motor Speedway August 18, 2013

-CVMA Ultralightweight Amateur Champion 2012
-CVMA Ultralightweight Amateur Champion 2013
-CVMA 250 Supersport Amateur Champion 2013
-CVMA Femewalla 3rd Overall 2014
-CVMA Sportsman of the Year 2014
-CVMA Femmewalla Champion 2015
-CVMA 6th in Overall Club Championship 2015

-American Ninja Warrior
Competitor 2016, Season 8

-200mph club- Turbocharged Hayabusa
- Mojave Mile- 201.3
    - Mojave Magnum- 206.6

-Roadracing fitness expert

      -Team Physical Trainer for SBKTraining.com

-Team Medic for SBKTraining.com

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